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Jade is an Alaska born, Illustrator and Designer who is newly settled in upstate New York with her partner and cats in an off-grid 144 square-foot cabin. She started out studying in fine art, but finished with an Illustration + Design degree from UMASS Dartmouth. Originally a watercolorist, Jade has bounced around from medium to medium and has landed in the digital world, primarily utilizing procreate for her artworks. She is currently wrangling a brand new small business while experimenting in different styles and furthering her design education. Jade enjoys bookmaking and pottery along with design and hopes to incorporate pottery as well as print-making back into her regular art practice in 2022.

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University of Massachusetts

North Dartmouth, MA


Bristol Community College

Fall River, MA

I studied Illustration with a minor in Graphic Design. I was able to experience a multitude of media (the favorites I find myself going back to include varying styles of print-making) but I specialized in digital painting and design utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite.

I started out pursuing a Fine Arts degree, possibly focusing in Painting, but I ended up changing my mind and taking classes that would count towards an Illustration/Design degree at UMASS Dartmouth.


Baker, Business owner, Freelance Illustration + Graphic Design

Salem, NY

I am currently working as a baker, measuring flour and kneading dough in between the busy artisan events and design work. August of 2022, I moved into a studio on Main Street in Salem NY. My goals this year are to teach myself how to design fonts for custom branding packages. That way, everything my client needs for their business/identity is in one place.


Business owner, Freelance Illustration + Design

Salem, NY

Taking a bit of a gap year, I focused on building a brand and opened up a small business Jade Miner ART. With my grand opening in October 2021, I was just in time for holiday shoppers and began networking for future markets. All the while working with other small businesses on freelance projects (logos, banners, event posters, business cards etc.).


Barista + Freelance Illustration and Design

Salem, NY

While working and going to school full-time, I still tried to fit as many design/illustration freelance projects in my schedule as possible. A few logos, but mostly custom cards and portraits.

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